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Etorki Abrasivos / Flexible

Extensive selection of grains on a very wide range of supports, for our line of applied abrasives of European manufacture.


Sandpaper brushes are an ideal choice for a wide variety of preparation, grinding, matting and finishing applications with straight grinders or pedestal grinders, found in the metal fabrication as well as in welding and in polishing industries.

Likewise, sandpaper brushes are designed for contoured and complex areas. Designed to provide a consistent finish with a uniform cutting speed, the blades wear evenly, leaving new abrasive visible.

Depending on their composition and grain, they are used for: scraping, deburring, weld removal, surface treatment, cleaning, matting, satin-finishing and multi-step polishing.

Available in:

  • Corundum, zirconium, silicon carbide and ceramic grain.
  • Grit size: #40 to #320
  • Shank Ø3 mm and 6 mm (for use on straight grinders or flexible shaft machines)
  • Core : Ø 25 mm, 54 mm, 100 mm (Reduction plates available)


Etorki supplies strips for a multitude of operations, such as levelling welding inputs, deburring work, cast sanding, removing defects and obtaining a perfect finish.

Wide range of tailor-made abrasive strips: from mini-strips to wide strips, and from abrasive sleeves to long strips.

  • Paper or fabric supports.
  • Various types of strip splices: tailored to the specific needs of
    each application.
  • Complete range of grain technologies, from conventional to the latest generation of PSG grain.
  • Grain sizes from 20 to 1200.


From grinding operations to polishing operations, Etorki selects a wide range of discs for you. They are available in:

  • Grains: Aluminum oxide, zirconium, ceramic, silicon-carbide, 3M™ Trizact™, felt…
  • Supports: Fiber, paper, velcro, adhesives, quick change.

They are used in angle grinders, straight grinders, mini grinders, orbital sanders and disc sanders.

We highlight discs with vulcanized fiber support. They show high resistance to wear and to PSG technology grain; with a triangular shape, they self-sharpen and generate sharp peaks which act on the metal as an individual cutting tool of extreme efficiency.

Especially for demanding applications such as edge chamfering, bevelling, weld material removal, mill scale removal, grooving, etc.

With less pressure, up to twice the start-up rate and service life of conventional industrial ceramic discs.

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