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About Etorki

Etorki is a company with an international outlook, engaged in the import, distribution and application of high-technology abrasives and related machinery for the grinding and abrasive cut-off operations in the metal production industry. As well as heat treatment furnaces, normalised elements for the stamping, moulding and automotive production industries.

Established in 1.978, based in the Basque Country, we enjoy a solid reputation based in a combination of tradition and modern management, with a wide distribution network, making possible an immediate response to any demand within the peninsula.


Our modern facilities are located in Zamudio, a strategic location, near the most important means of communications, five minutes from Bilbao-Loiu international airport and connected to the northern motorway network.

Philosophy and values

Since our foundation, we have a clear goal: be useful to our customers by bringing the latest technology of our brands and represented, leading companies in their manufacturing sectors.





As a result of our experience and technical knowledge, we help to optimize the operations in the production processes, bringing up effective solutions to the necessities in this area, by a continuous personal advising and always available.

These are the fundamentals that support our philosophy:

  • Reliable products
  • Customized service
  • Total safety
  • Technological advising

By means of which we try to accomplish our Mission day-to-day:

Fulfill our customers needs with our Service and Products, exceeding their expectations.


Etorki, during more than 40 years, since the foundation in 1.978 by J.L. Lopategi , has expanded its activity within the steel industry around the Iberian Peninsula.

Initially focused on domestic brands for the local market, the company evolved into searching international quality materials, mainly European and Japanese.

Some milestones through Etorkis’ almost half century life are showed below:



Expansion into international leading brands represention: Slip Naxos (Sweden).


Widening of our forms into precision machinery equipment, including Nakanishi Inc (Japan) to our portfolio.


Commencing our trip with Austrian worldwide leader manufacturer of abrasives, Rappod Schleifmittel Industrie (Austria).


Though moments come because of the steel crisis. Overcoming this situation strengthened our trustworthiness with the international partners and our clients.


Etorki opens the market to Portugal.


Etorki enters the heavy machinery business for steel industry hand in hand with BRAUN (Austria).


New products are introduced in order to extend our portfolio for machining operations: super abrasives (diamond and CBN) for high standard industries such as aerospace, automotive or tool manufacturing companies.


Second generation comes on board: E. Lopategi as CEO to expand company activities.


The most valuable element of any organisation is the people who belong to it.

Etorki perfectly knows it, and therefore builds up more tan 130 years of team experience in the abrasive field.

A human group with a vast experience and motivation, significant ingredients to help you find the best solutions for your surface finishing operations.



Our headquarters are located in Zamudio, Basque Country, a strategic location right next to the most important communication infrastructures, close to 5 minutes from the international airport of Bilbao and connected with the road network.

Etorki – Headquarters

 Avda. Pinoa, 8 – 48170, Zamudio
  944 52 08 12
  944 52 13 79


 Pol. Ind. Berreteaga – Pab 6B – 48150, Sondika
   944 52 08 12
   944 52 13 79


The constant increase of the demands of our clients makes it unavoidable that Etorki works continuously improving its activity.

This performance, which has led us to become a reference in the industry, continues to be guided by our values and mission within the framework of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. We were recognized with this certificate already in 2001 by Lloyd’s Register, and we continue working uninterruptedly according to this system until today, under the applicable test version.

Furthermore, committed to this continuous improvement, we work under EFQM criteria. This means that we systematically identify, establish and review quantifiable objectives whose results are always oriented towards the satisfaction of our clients.

Therefore, our products comply with every one of the strictest International Norms and Regulations.

Our Quality Policy is available for anyone who requests it via our contact form.