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Grinding machines

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Grinding machines

Etorki works closely with BRAUN in order to provide steel and metal industries with grinding facilities.

BRAUN multifunctional high-pressure grinding machines are state-of-the-art technology for the conditioning of semi-finished products, whether for surface finishing or for the removal of edges and defects.

Tailor-made installations for billet, bloom, slab, ingot, bar or tube conditioning. Fully automatic turnkey solutions, including defect detection and spot grinding as well as final inspection and traceability.


Conventional deburring machines cannot perform quality deburring on continuous casting products or ground products with low-power systems.

BRAUN’s highly flexible deburring machines solve this problem: BRAUN offers tailor-made solutions for longitudinal and transverse deburring of edges on slabs (as an example) as well as for bar ends.


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