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Once the component has been produced by the  Additive Manufacturing  process (in any of its variants), the need to finish the part arises.

Post-processing  can sometimes be more laborious than manufacturing itself.

There are many operations that can occur in this process of  final finishing  of the part.

Etorki is present in the Additive Manufacturing industry or 3D Printing with several solutions  for post-processing this type of parts.

Mainly  for metal parts, but also applicable to plastic  parts  in some cases, Etorki provides solutions in this industry with 3 product lines that help in several  of the post-processing operations:



Improvement of surfaces  by means of  the Abrasive Flow Machining  (AFM) of components manufactured by  3D Printing.

We generate  high quality surfaces  (reduction of roughness and elimination of small defects) in complex geometries, by means of an abrasive mass that flows through the desired areas applying the  appropriate pressure.

Optimal results for:

  • Precision Deburring
  • Edge contouring
  • Polishing
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Precision mircrogrinders for  highly demanding finishing operations.

Nakanishi’s handheld  micromotors, along with the right tooling can assist in removing supports, small deburring or obtaining an optimal surface finish on parts manufactured by 3D printing.

With  a wide range of  speeds and powers, electric or pneumatic driven, Nakanishi’s portable range will suit any need.

In addition, etorki offers all the micro-tooling necessary to adapt to any type of part geometry.

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Our complete range of abrasive products includes shot blasting and manual  blasting equipment that can be used for surface finishing of 3D printed components.

The specificity of each piece, (size, geometry, material, quality), as well as the operation to be performed (deburring, defect removal, polishing…) or the desired finish make astudy necessary for each case.

Contact us so we can help you and offer you a solution within our range of products dedicated to this purpose.

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