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An innovative concept in abrasive cutting. Since 2001, Etorki has been the official agent in Spain and Portugal for the Austrian company Braun Machinenfabrik GmbH.

The marketing of its range of abrasive disc saws and grinders for steel conditioning. Turnkey projects, to meet specific needs, as well as a wide range of standard equipment.

Braun is a market leader and supplies more than 300 companies worldwide. It stands out as an innovative company with a solid tradition of more than 150 years, now in its seventh generation.

Braun is a world reference brand in steel cutting and grinding.

It is currently engaged in two lines of industrial equipment:

  • Abrasive cutting machines: From Ø 800 mm up to Ø 2,000 mm discs
  • Grinding machines for steel conditioning and finishing.


EBNER is a world leader in heat treatment technologies. In 2020 Etorki starts as EBNER’s official agent in Spain and Portugal. Etorki commercializes large capacity heat treatment installations for industrial production plants.

EBNER pioneering concepts in burner technology created new perspectives for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

EBNER is a global specialist in heat treatment furnaces and is also a family-owned company. As a market leader in heat treatment in the metal industry, it focuses on research, development, manufacture and installation of furnaces for the following sectors:



  • Controlled atmosphere treatment for low alloyed or unalloyed grades.
  • Controlled atmosphere treatment for high Cr or CrNi alloys and special alloys.
  • Bright annealing lines for carbon and alloy steel coils.
  • Galvanizing and treatment lines for automotive sheet metal.
  • Treatment plants for grain oriented and non-grain oriented electrical tape.
  • Austenitizing plants for hot forming


  • Treatment furnaces for aluminium and aluminium alloys with or without atmosphere
  • Ingot heating and homogenizing furnaces for aluminium and aluminium alloys.
  • Furnaces with solubilization and tempering treatment for aluminium alloys.


  • Controlled atmosphere treatments for copper, bronze, special alloys and coatings.


Silvercut has more than 40 years of experience in the field of cutting and it’s dedicated to the metallographic industry for the cutting of specimens, as well as the cutting of parts with guides, tubes, ball screws, spindles, medical implants or equipment for lost wax casting.

Their abrasive cutting equipment and tools enable fast, efficient and safe material processing of the following materials: high-strength steels, composites, glass or carbon fiber, cast iron, aluminium…

Silvercut encompasses from standard equipment to fully automatic custom designs to suit practically any requirement:

  • Precision cutting equipment
  • High performance dry cutting equipment
  • Metallographic cutting equipment
  • Equipment for the steel and tube industry
  • Investment casting


Nakanishi Inc. stands for commitment through the manufacture of the finest ultra-precision equipment at high rotational speed and through the continuous development of state-of-the-art micro-machining technology.

Since 1930 Nakanishi Inc. has concentrated on the manufacture of high speed rotary instruments to the highest quality standard available on the market:

  • High frequency spindles
  • Micromotors for manual applications

It has incorporated its long experience in the micromachining of dental instruments to its wide range of industrial products, in order to guarantee the supply of increasingly reliable, high precision and state-of-the-art products.



Part of the Putz Group, Microsurfaces is a globally operating company. It develops, designs and manufactures equipment for Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM).

It has more than 30 years of experience in surface polishing and offers both equipment and machining service on customer parts. This daily experience, together with its own R&D team, allows Microsurfaces to innovate in processes and products every year.

Parts with complex geometries, the use of materials that are difficult to machine, as well as high demands on precision and wear resistance are just some of the challenges in manufacturing engineering.

Microsurfaces offers its MicroStream® Abrasive Flow Machining® (AFM machining) and Vibratory Finishing, processes to achieve excellent surface finishes:

In addition, Microsurfaces expands its portfolio with the Electrochemical Machining (ECM) process.

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