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A complete range of normalized elements for the automotive, stamping and tooling auxiliary industries.

Founded in Chicago, this century-old company was the first to outline the idea of standard, mass-produced press tooling with interchangeable components which would meet the growing needs of the stamping and embossing industry.

Danly springs are classified in 4 color codes and have become the reference standard in the European industry.


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Die Sets & Machining

Etorki markets Danly-manufactured press die sets, on state-of-the-art CNC machining centers.

We offer high accuracy, based on 2 factors: high-precision components and a selective adjustment system, with three available adjustment types.

The removable guide pillars and bushings are easily removed for die construction and maintenance.

When worn or damaged, they are easily replaced along with the bushings because all DANLY guide elements are fully interchangeable.


Sinterlube® Bushings

After years of research and development of the manufacturing process, DANLY has incorporated the SINTERLUBE ® line to its range of products: namely the maintenance-free self-lubricated bushing, which Etorki offers exclusively for Iberia.

SinterLube® offers what no other bushing can:

  1. It is truly self-lubricating and will not seize up or close in on the guide pin as with ordinary graphite bushing.
  2. SinterLube® has a tolerance comparable to precision guiding as opposed to the liberal tolerance of ordinary graphite bushings.
  3. Unlike the competition, with SinterLube® there is virtually no wear, even in the most demanding applications.

Selective Fit

Guiding Elements

The patented SELECTIVE-FIT product line is part of the range of standardized elements that Etorki markets for the stamping, mold and die sector.

All solid Danly guide elements are made of high-quality steels, hardened to a depth of 1.3mm and with a hardness of above Rc60/62.

The columns are ground and the bushings are polished to exacting tolerances with a roughness of 0.2µRa. Accuracy is preserved throughout its operating life by means of oil reservoirs or grease nipples that allow continuous lubrication.


Ready Bender®

Etorki presents the READY-BENDERS ® range: unique forming tools patented by DANLY, available from stock.

Its unique features are:

  1. Increases part quality
  2. Reduces tooling costs
  3. Works best in series and forms metal consistently

Offers a wide range of sizes to the customer

We study your case on the basis of easy-to-collect data.


SuperSprings ® Die Springs

Etorki offers experience in the application of matrix springs, with technical support from the laboratory of our represented company and with “on site” support if necessary.

This is what DANLY high performance matrix springs imply:

  • Long durability
  • Consistent dimensional accuracy
  • Stiffness index
  • High competitiveness
  • Excellent stock availability

More than 400 SuperSprings ® available in 4 groups and sorted by color code.

Lengths, diameter, indexes and colors, according to ISO 10243 standard.


DANLY polyurethane springs are available in:

  • outside diameters to fit our Super Springs
  • 3 grades of hardness Shore 80, 90 and 95
  • Solid and hollow round bars
  • Plates and blocks available

Design2-Tite ® Gas Springs & Manifold Systems

Etorki offers a complete range of gas springs and manifold systems:

9 separate standard series, pre-loaded and available from stock to ensure fast delivery.

The range includes both the self-lubricating SinterLube® series and conventional design springs, manufactured from the finest raw materials and assembled with exacting precision to provide reliability and long life for your dies.

Try DESIGN-TITE® and experience first-hand the benefits of this superior range of nitrogen products.


Dany Precision Punches

Etorki offers a wide range of punches and dies, manufactured by vacuum heat treatment with subsequent cooling in nitrogen in the furnace.

This process results in a fine grain structure that provides high wear resistance, high impact resistance and dimensional consistency, day after day, year after year.


Camdrive ® Mechanical Cams

Etorki makes available to you CAMDRIVE®, the compact cam with interchangeable precision”.

Unique design, easily adaptable to a wide range of special needs.

Versatility and precision, thanks to interchangeable internal components.

Interchangeable, in stock and filled loaded with options.


Hydrocam ® Hydraulic Cams

In Iberia Etorki puts at your disposal a solution that has changed the universe of cams.

HYDROCAM® systems have reshaped the way dies are designed and operated.

Ease to install and operate, this innovative product was designed and first introduced to the market by Danly. It goes a long way to reduce complexity in die design.

With HYDROCAM® many dies suddenly become simpler and many fewer now need to be manufactured in parts.

HYDROCAM® was the first hydraulic cam of its kind to reach the market.

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