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Velum is a specific solution that incorporates the range of eco-filter products intended to protect electronic equipment, compressors and motors from dust or oily clouds.

The patented Velum system, specific for electronic machines, is applied externally, directly on the inlet grill of the ventilation and cooling system of the production unit. Once applied, Velum collects and retains the oily mists of its fabric and ensures the normal intake of clean air into the machine, protecting the internal filter.

It has 4 product lines:



< Provides protection for all types of machines with forced air cooling.

< It’s available in 5 sizes: 600 mm, 500 mm, 400 mm, 300 mm and 200 mm.


Velum Air

< Protection for compressors, cooling systems and heat exchangers.

< It has a thicker, less porous fabric and it is meant to guarantee a greater air intake and to avoid overheating.

< It’s available in 5 sizes: 600 mm, 500 mm, 400 mm, 300 mm and 200 mm.


XL Air

< Velum air is now also available in the XL version for large format machines.

< Available sizes are: 1500 mm, 1200 mm, 1000 mm and 800 mm.



< This solution has been designed for the protection of electric motors.

< This is made possible by the patented system with reusable polypropylene magnet support that is fixed to the motor through an O-ring. The polyester filter is also included.

< It’s available in 8 diameters: 300 mm, 260 mm, 230 mm, 200 mm, 175 mm, 150 mm, 120 mm, 100 mm.

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