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Metal Precision

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For the automotive industry, both for manufacturers and their auxiliary industry, Etorki offers a complete portfolio of abrasives and superabrasives, tailored to each operation for power and train components.

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For turbines, a critical element in this industry, where risk imposes the most demanding standards of standardization. Etorki is present in the manufacturing of turbine blades.

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Thinking about a fundamental auxiliary industry for high demand industries such as automotive, aeronautics and others, we offer our portfolio of custom-made grinding wheels for all operations in ball bearings, needle roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, etc.

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Cutting tools

Companies with high demands on dimensional accuracy: rotary tools and cutting inserts. For all manufacturers in the sector and sharpeners, in any of their operations with abrasives and superabrasives.

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Medical Engineering

The development of implants, in the field of the different joints, as well as the dental, are reaching an increasing importance. Its own function determines a high finish quality demand for which Etorki provides the experience and high quality.

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Die and Molding

The Die and Mold industry related to the design and manufacture of tools to obtain serial parts, requires great finishes in its tools. Etorki is a good partner for both industries, to whom we offer our abrasives, microgrinders and standardized elements.

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Gears provide movement in many industries worldwide and move at a fast pace. For ridge, face, flank and valley operations, we provide solutions with state-of-the-art abrasives and superabrasives.

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Etorki’s abrasives can work in two processes: manufacturing and sharpening the saws. We have a complete portfolio for your needs.

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Precision Turning

In precision bar turning, for mass-produced revolution parts, operations such as milling, drilling, internal grinding are carried out. Etorki offers its state-of-the-art high speed spindles and a complete range of abrasives.

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10. Mecanica-precision

Precision Mechanics

Watchmaking, jewelry and even the manufacture of glasses are included in this sector, exquisite in its finish. For them we have the most specialized superfinishing abrasives and the most precise machinery.

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