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Aligned with cutting and grinding equipment for the iron and steel industry, Etorki is a partner of EBNER, world leader in heat treatment technologies.

EBNER particularly focuses on innovation so as to provide industrial thermal equipment with the following advantages:

  • High quality: Maximum production capacity, long equipment life and low environmental impact.
  • Intelligent technology for the heating process.
  • Standing at the vanguard of process automation.
  • Efficient operations: reduced cost treatments, reduced maintenance, best production/cost ratio.
  • Excellent metallurgical results: homogeneous microstructure, cleanest surface, low material loss, homogeneous mechanical properties.

These are some of the installations we can offer you for your production line.


    • Controlled atmosphere treatment for low alloyed or unalloyed grades.
    • Controlled atmosphere treatment for high Cr or CrNi alloys and special alloys.
    • Bright annealing lines for carbon and alloy steel coils.
    • Galvanizing and treatment lines for automotive sheet metal.
    • Treatment plants for grain oriented and non-grain oriented electrical tape.
    • Austenitizing plants for hot forming


    • Treatment furnaces for aluminum and aluminum alloys with or without atmosphere
    • Ingot heating and homogenizing furnaces for aluminum and aluminum alloys.
    • Furnaces with solubilization and tempering treatment for aluminum alloys.


    • Controlled atmosphere treatments for copper, bronze, special alloys and coatings.

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