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Our accumulated experience and a complete analysis of the processes that require the use of abrasives in the foundry industry, allow us to provide you with the best abrasive solutions for the most demanding applications in SG iron, grey iron, carbon steels, stainless steels, alloy steels and copper alloys.


Etorki offers high quality reinforced discs T41 and T42, able to withstand the cutting-off of diferent parts geometries and cutting attack angles.


Removal of defects originated in the foundry casting process is a fundamental work in the preparation of the product.

Etorki offers you a wide range of snagging wheels for fixed, swing frame and portable machines.

Cutting discs and grinding wheels for laboratory

Where  precision  and parameter  control  is essential, we offer you a wide  non-reinforced range of cut-off discs for precise cutting and vitrified wheels  to prepare the sample without affecting its mechanical properties.

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