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Finish special supports

Etorki Abrasivos / Finish special supports

A specific line for the high-quality finishes demanded by the precision industry. Available as standard in our “Etorki select” catalog and made to measure on request.



Fleece is suitable for cleaning and light deburring of different materials; for weld removal, surface treatment, cleaning, matting, satin finishing and polishing in several steps, and also for smoothing of wood before applying varnish.

It consists of non-woven fibre mesh impregnated with abrasive mineral (aluminium oxide or silicon-carbide), available in various formats: brushes with shank, core and quick-change, rolls, belts, sheets, grinding wheels…

We also have sandpaper-fleece brushes which combine high sandpaper aggressiveness with extreme fleece adaptaility.

Our range of products covers all grains, dimensions and executions.


Clean & Strip

Synthetic fibre discs of non-woven material which incorporates a synthetic extra coarse silicon carbide abrasive grind, typically used in low pressure applications.

They offer consistent results throughout the life of the product, resistant to clogging.

They are also a safe alternative to wire brushes for effective weld cleaning, rust removal and paint removal.

They cover a wider area with a more precise result that may eliminate the need for additional finishing steps.

Product available in various formats and dimensions.



A solution for deburring, matting and finishing, on a wide variety of parts: threaded pipes and nozzles, rotors, turbine guards, engines, sheet metal and engine components, stamped machine parts.

Non-woven synthetic fibres impregnated with abrasives (silicon carbide and PSG).

Therefore, they can be used in a multitude of industries, including oil and gas pipelines, to achieve professional results in the polishing of welds, the deburring of aircraft parts, the manufacturing of vehicles or the grinding and finishing of a wide variety of metals, plastics and composites and the metal industry.

Available in different formats (grinding wheels, discs and quick change discs), granulometry (fine, intermediate and coarse) and densities.

Cotton, sisal, felt polishing

Polishing program

Etorki offers a complete range of multi-shaped sisal and cotton discs and brushes.

Felt discs with ventilated backing and a M14 thread; felt wheels with shank, felt discs with shank, felt wheels with Velcro and felt wheels with vertical blades, polishing sponges, abrasive pastes, diamond pastes, etc.

A complete line for professional polishers.

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