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Steel industry

In Etorki, besides offering you a complete range of high-quality abrasives for the production of slabs, billets, ingots, bars, tubes, plats or wire rods, we want to become your partner in the optimization of processes and cost reduction, putting at your disposal our expertise and a technical team that will look for a solution to your needs.

Safety is a fundamental pillar for Etorki. All our abrasives comply with the highest European standards on safety, health and environment.

Conditioned slabs / ingot / billet

Conditioning the surface of the different products obtained from continuous casting, by means of grinding, is a fundamental process to eliminate surface defects, scale, decarburization zones and cracks originated in the production process.

We have more than 35 years of competence in the application of hot-pressed wheels (HP wheels) capable of satisfying the most demanding needs of the industry.

Roll grinding

We offer you a wide range of last generation grinding wheels, with CubitronTM II grain and resin or vitrified bond.

Capable of reaching the most demanding dimensional and finish requirements for hot and cold mills rolls.

Centerless grinding

Etorki has the complete set of  grinding wheels  and regulating wheels.

We can guarantee the maximum material removal, the most demanding dimensional tolerances and the finest surface finish.

We have wheels with different bond agents while cork remains one of our specialties (super finishing).


Etorki offers you a complete range of reinforced cutting discs, designed to provide high cutting capacity and long life.

The widest portfolio in the market with customized solutions, we offer discs up to 2.000 mm of diameter and a vast experience in bar, tube and profiles cutting-off operations.

Manual roughing

Etorki has the product that best suits your needs, always seeking the maximum safety and ergonomics for the operator in the final roughing.

Our range of portable tools includes roughing and cutting discs from 115 mm to 230 mm diameter, flap discs and other coated abrasive.

Power Brushes

Power brushes used to remove burrs, rust, dirt and achieve an even finish.

Etorki supplies metal brushes in a wide variety of shapes and materials to give you the specific solution for your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us

If you have any doubt or you need some advice about our abrasives, call us or write an email by the contact form and our team of Etorki will contact as soon as possible.